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Tube Axial Fans

Thank you for considering Atlantic Blowers Tube Axial Fans for your application needs. Please fill out the form to the right to receive our Axial Fan Catalog. Enclosed in the catalog you will find a lot of information about our entire line of Axial Fans. Everything from performance & dimensional data, to applications & correct usage is covered.  

We have fans ranging from 8" in diameter, all the way to 32" in diameter. providing a flow window of 2719CFM to 16,591CFM. The motors are 2 Pole TEFC making them efficient and highly resistant to dust and other potential contaminents.

Our Axials Fans require almost zero maintenance if installed within the defined parameters. A well ventilated area below 104*F,  will ensure the maximum longevity of your Tube Axial Fan. 

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