Blower Maintenance

Maintenance Insight

Though our blowers are designed to require the lowest possible amount of maintenance, it is still necessary. Our air blowers are used for thousands of applicaions, all located in different environments, all of which pose their own unique challenges. While we cannot make a maintenance schedule catering to all the different variables, we can give you a baseline. When you fill out the informaton form on the right, you will receive a PDF containing a basic maintenance schedule.

As with all machinery, the best kind of maintenance is preventative maintenance. That is why we recommend using an inlet filter or inline filter (depending on the application) to keep clean dry air running through the blower. We also strongly recommend the use of a Relief Valve in all applications, this component keeps the blower from becoming restricted and over amping by releasing excess pressure (resistance) out of the air line.


**NOTE: The maintenance schedule is not tailored for specific applications, if ther blower is subjet to a very dirty environment or continuous high heat, it is strongly advised that you increase the frequency of maintenance intervals as needed.

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